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The Bullseye

Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff designed and built the shape of this hull in 1914 in wood. Originally named the Herreshoff Bull's Eye, she was available in gaff or marconi rig, with a thin water way and a through transom tiller. In 1938 she was modified with a wider water way and an above transom tiller, and was named The Fishers Island Sound Bull's Eye. In 1947 the rights to build the Herreshoffs were purchased by Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co., and the jigs, forms, and patterns were moved to Wareham. In 1949 work began on a fiberglass model of the Fishers Island Sound Bull's Eye. The only alteration was a cuddy cabin and modern marconi rig, designed by Nathanael's oldest son Sidney Herreshoff. The fiberglass version with cuddy and aluminum marconi mast was named The Cape Cod Bull's Eye, which is the boat built today. Throughout this evolution of different decks and rigs, the shape of the hull has remained the same, and true to the original wooden frames build and used by the Herreshoff Mfg. Co. (from the Bullseye Association website)

Buzzards Fleet Captain:
Tom Gelsthorpe

Class Association Web Site:

Bullseye Association Secretary: 
Laura Hallowel