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Welcome to The Buzzards Yacht Club

We are very pleased to announce that The Buzzards Yacht Club has been approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  This means that tax-free donations can now be made to BYC and donors can use the tax deduction.  We plan very shortly to announce a significant effort to raise money to support our club for future generations.

The Buzzards Yacht Club was founded in 1930 primarily to organize and support family racing in the Wings Neck and Scraggy Neck area.  Its primary mission remains that of family racing and sailing.  We also run several fun social events during the season and encourage family participation both on and off the water.  
Racing includes 4 one-design classes:  H12s, Bullseyes, Stuart Knockabouts, and, most recently, Lasers. There is also a cruising class/PHRF race and one "Big Boat" cruise during the summer.

The Club actively seeks and welcomes new members.  Join the fun!
WELCOME to Buzzards YC!

THIS WEEK and Coming UP:
July 21st, 10:45 Start

One Design July Race Series 
H-12's & Bullseyes
Sat. July 20th

Junior Racing 
Fri. July 19th
8:30 Registration,
8:45 Chalk Talk

Unkie Cup Regatta Host:
Friday, July 26th

Buzzards Supports
Old Sigh PHRF Racing
   Weds., Nights, 6pm
Off the Wings Neck Lighthouse

Save the Date:
Harding Memorial Regatta 8/10-11 for H12s and Stuarts. Register here at Racing/Registration or click on this link:   Harding Registration

Sailing Lessons:
Member Adults & Children

Click on the Bullseye/Lessons Tab!


New Members Welcome:
 Simply complete a membership app under "Membership" tab at the top. We'd love to talk with you!

Join Us!

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