Bullseye Awards

Wilson Brazer Trophy
A trophy for the winner of the 4th of July race. Permanent trophy with names of winners engraved on it.

Darling Cup
This is a trophy given to the winner of the three race 4th of July series.

Donald A. Hurter Cup
This is a permanent trophy with winners engraved on it since inception. Don Hurter was one of the original Bullseye racers from Scraggy Neck, who donated the trophy. This is for the July series in Bullseyes.

Worley Cup
Labor Day winner. Permanent trophy with keeper.

Bullseye Cup
Trophy given to the winner of the three race Labor Day weekend regatta.

McEvoy Bowl
Permanent trophy for the August Series winner. Names engraved each year.

Knowlton Trophy
Awarded to the summer series winner. Donated by the three sons of Frank W. Knowlton, the first race committee chairman of the Buzzards in 1930. Permanent trophy with keeper.

All the Bullseye trophies are permanent, and were donated by the class racers when the class commenced racing in the early 1960s.