Buzzards Sailing School

The Buzzards Sailing School is a tax exempt corporation, affiliated with the Buzzards Yacht Club, which teaches basic sailing and seamanship instruction, basic racing instruction, 420 team racing, inter-club racing and regatta participation, and optimist inter-club racing and regatta participation. The goal of the program is to produce competent life-long sailors with a solid foundation of skills for day sailing, cruising, and racing. High quality racing instruction and coaching enables the students to rise to their full potential as racing sailors. The three main priorities of the program are (in order of importance): safety, fun, and development of sailing skills.

All donations made to the Sailing School are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated. The school depends on donations to keep the cost of tuition at an affordable level and to cover the costs of scholarships.

For more information about the program see the Buzzards Sailing School Web Site.