Buzzards Bullseye Use

The Buzzards Yacht Club (BYC) has developed an agreement with Wings Neck Trust (WNT) to provide a sailing option for BYC members and WNT residents. A Bullseye, donated to the Buzzards Sailing School (BSS) will be moored in WNT Cove and a dinghy to access the Bullseye will be provided via dock space.

BYC members and WNT members may access the boat to take lessons, day sails, or race in BYC weekend Senior Series.

Criteria to access
Anyone in the boat must be an active member of BYC or a WNT resident. Before taking the boat, a signed waiver of liability must be submitted to A competent sailor, as judged by the BYC, must be in the boat. Please see the section entitled 'Sailing Test' below.
Below you will find the rates:

Below you will find the rates:

Boat Use Period Use Fee
July 1 - July 31 $100
August 1 - September 15 $100
Summer July - September $175
Half Day (4 hours) $50

Adult & Family Lessons
Three hour lessons are available and given by BYC volunteers and BSS instructors. Should weather impact the completion of the lesson, a time credit will be given later on a mutually agreeable date and time.

If you are interested in lessons, chartering or racing, and meet the criteria to access, please email and include your name and phone number.

Boat Reservations/Lessons: How it Works

Payment: Once you meet the criteria, you will be charged for the fees via credit card payment. A waiver will be sent to your email address to be signed and returned before you may have boat access.

Sailing Test: If at any time, the charterer plans to use the boat without a competent sailor aboard, the charterer must take a brief written and practical sailing test to demonstrate his/her sailing knowledge and skill. Make arrangements to take the test with the BYC by emailing or calling 508-566-3353, giving ample time to set up a mutually convenient time.

Calendar: You will be given access to the online Bullseye booking calendar to reserve the boat in your name for a 1-4 hour time block which includes picking up the dinghy at the dock and returning it to the dock. This tells others the boat is in use at that time and they know at what time the dinghy will be returned to the dock. Time blocks appear when the boat is not operational i.e. before 8 a.m. and post 7 p.m. Non-operational hours are adjusted as days get shorter. The weekly maximum number of times the boat may be used by charterers is two times, Mon. - Fri. and once Sat. - Sun. If you have reached your maximum and the boat is available within the hour before the desired time, you may register in the calendar for that time.

Parking: Unless a WNT member, all cars must use on-road parking only by the club house.

Dock Usage: The dinghy is located on the dinghy dock, 4th pier on the left marked "BYC." The BYC burgee is on the bow. There are four docklines: bow, stern, and two spring lines (middle of boat to bow dock cleat and middle of boat to stern dock cleat). The dock is only available to access the BYC dinghy which may only be used to access the Bullseye.

Mooring: The Bullseye sits in the WNT Cove mooring field heading west from the pier, and on the left. The mooring is marked: BSS14

Sails: There are four sail bags located in the bow. The grey bags contain racing sails and are only to be used for racing. The brown bags contain the jib and main for day sails or lessons.

Return the boat: To the mooring leaving the boat, sails and equipment as you found it, except bailed, of course. When returning the dinghy to the pier, be certain the bow, stern and 2 spring lines are secured and oars placed under the seats. Please bail the dinghy if needed.

Maintenance: We rely on Bullseye users to let us know if something broke or was found in disrepair while the boat was in use. We can only make repairs if we are aware. Please complete the brief repair form available on the 'Bullseye Use/Lessons' tab on the BYC site, or contact us at 508-566-3353 to report the problem.

Please! Treat the boat as though it were your own. The dinghy may need to be bailed. Equipment is available on the boat such as a pump to bail, and a tool bag.